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Salvador Dali (May 11, 1904 – January 23, 1989) Dali was born in Figueras, Spain and became one of the more influential painters of the 20th Century. Dalí was a versatile artist Salvador Daliwhose art is rich with symbols - many of which were understood by Salvador Dali only and had to be explained at length which suited his self-aggrandizing style. Dali never limited himself solely to painting and sculpture, and he is also noted for his contributions to theatre, fashion, and photography. His influence in art is due nearly equally to both his painting style as well as his flamboyant nature. Dali was known as a Surrealist and is classified as such today though much of his work differs greatly from most Surrealist painters of the time. This fact was not lost on Dali who famously proclaimed, "Le surréalisme, c'est moi." (I am surrealism) and he did in fact take Surrealism to new heights.

Much of Dali's efforts during his life were to distance himself from others both socially, and politically, to create iconic status for himself. This effort can be summed up in the artists own words, "at the age of six I wished to be a female cook, at seven Napoleon, ever since, my ambition has been continually on the increase, as has my megalomania: now all I want to be is Salvador Dali. But the closer I get to my goal, the further Salvador Dali drifts away from me."

During his final days in a hospital in Barcelona his biographers wrote that he would watch news broadcasts to "find out if he was near death or recovery", Salvador Dali the man was both master and servant to Dali the icon. During the last year of his life there were rumors that his estate realizing he was near the end began to purchase back previously sold artwork with full knowledge that their value would increase exponentially upon his death.There have also been allegations that his guardians forced Dalí to sign blank canvases that would, after his death, be used and sold as originals. As a result, art dealers tend to be wary of late works attributed to Dalí.

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